I’ve been demoing out some new songs for No Phone's upcoming full-band sessions. Real excited about how things are sounding. Click on the horsey for a sample.

Just realized that Coma Cinema and Elvis Depressedly are the same guy. Nice. Here’s a song by Elvis Depressedly called “Daughter of a Cop.”Classically great, CC-style lyrics in the first verse:

What’s the cure/for eternity, I thought aloud/but nothin’ came to me./I just want to make it stop/Satan’s blood in the daughter of a cop.

Sample of my new band, No Phone.

We inaugurate the evening
Just drumming up a little weirdness.
It gets late so early now
The waves come in in mountain phases
Linked impossibilities,
Branching possibilities.

I’d see fire where it’s not supposed to be,
In the empty library at suppertime
By the respirating basement door.
The dog eats out of an old tambourine on the floor.
I’ve been told you can live a long, long time on the love of a dog
And that things get bitter and bad
When the people are wrong
And sleep can be had for the price of a song,
Late in the day when the options are gone.

When the seatbelt’s the only hug you’ve felt in weeks,
When wrong numbers are the totality of your social life,
The obscure strategies of wildlife
Only flummox the hell out of you, kid.
I first saw her in a megastore,
The Day-Glo raven
Born into a free fall
Like plastic Easter basket grass
Falling from an overpass,
The fulfillment of a tenth grade prophecy,
A motel masterpiece.

Blind to the branching possibilities,
Blind to linked impossibilities,
Teardrops were standing in my eyes
Like deer before they bolt.
It was like I was stretching my arm through the cat door to heaven.
I was thinking, I could lick the frosting off these summer days if nights were half as sweet,
Me like a banged-up dog walking half sideways.
I adored the way she modified my mornings
When I’d wake up in the calm shores of her bed,
Somersaults and smoke in a universe of sleep,
Before she slipped into her heritage and disappeared.
Now every second thought is out of control.

I guess in a way I long to be rad.
When I was with her it felt wrong to be sad.
Did I tell you an angel finally came and shut my mouth?
There was a smile and a tear in her voice too
And she taught me to relight,
Relight and relight again.

They tell me you can live a long, long time on the love of a dog.
Things get bitter and bad
And sleep can be had
Late in the day when the options seem gone.
Please let your eyes be a friend to me again.
It’s just malfunctioning teardrops,
Cowboy overflow of the heart.

— “Cowboy Overflow of the Heart,” David Berman w/ The Avalanches

Haven’t thought about CAN in years, then came across this documentary. So German.

Daughn Gibson's “Tiffany Lou,” from All Hell.

"Sunshine Great Leader," a sample from the new import/import record, kinda muppets.

"Confused Birds," from Jonti's Sine & Moon.

Is Portland Oregon Weird? as asked in 2007.

From the same Youtube account: Get Rich in 2009 with eBooks, Audio and Video!

Choice quote: “Have you ever wanted to write a book or report that people could download? Sometimes we call that eBooks.”

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